From Italia To The World

Italy 1998

Stepping onto this mysterious land, our founder embarked on a wonderful journey about clothing.

Worldwide 2020

After 20 years of accumulation, we have begun to move towards the world, and RE&X has started to share interesting stories with up to 20 countries through internet department stores and professional retailers.

Our motto is: “Simple made better”.


Our manufacturing agency services are specifically designed for sellers who are struggling to find suitable manufacturers or businesses that want to create their own brand. We provide professional and high-quality manufacturing to meet your expectations. We can customize your products with your brand labels and offer better experiences through our global express delivery service

  • Customized Manufacturing

    Assisting businesses in developing products that embody brand value and aesthetics.

  • High-Quality Production

    Utilizing premium materials and advanced technology to ensure quality, comfort, and durability.

  • Design Support

    Collaborating with brands to create unique and fashionable designs that attract the target audience.

  • Efficient Global Delivery

    Providing reliable and timely global delivery services, ensuring prompt arrival to customers.